The Problem With Trading Mentors & Trading Education Today

The Problem With Trading Mentors & Trading Education Today

We feature how-to videos, educational articles, live stream webcasts, expert blogs, and on-demand strategy tutorials. Max’s laser-focused approach is on smart money concepts using the theory of price equilibrium in supply and demand. Can be discretionary at times but as his students will attest to, is easily digestible.

By 2015, after doing 2 years of research on this, I felt like I found several solutions to make more traders become profitable and change the trading education industry. From 2015, I’ve been quietly in the background working with developers to build a solution. Like any success in this world, mastering how to trade forex will not happen overnight. You should approach learning forex with the mind of having a long-term experience and enjoy the process. Some mentors offer their students a life-long mentorship program to have positive impacts on their trading careers. Nick and his team of traders and content developers have been sharing trading tips.

The growth of their trading strategies and techniques are blowing up quickly. Look into HunterFX on YouTube to see more on his FREE live stream education sessions. Starting as a student of FMP back in 2010, Pierre studied hard and now trades Forex full time from his home in South Africa.

Vladimir Ribakov is the owner of one of the most popular Forex trading clubs called theTraders Academy Club”. Vladimir is also the owner of a very popular trading blog where he shares his trading ideas, trading educational articles, and his trading tools. Vladimir is an internationally certified financial technician, a guest speaker in global live trading events, a full-time trader, and a trading mentor. Vladimir has helped over three thousand students to generate income from forex trading. Vladimir is well known in the industry for his high accuracy trading strategies and his high level of trading education. Review

Really knowing yourself and how you think can give you an edge that others in the market don’t have. My goal is to share practical advice to improve your forex psychology without boring you to death. Hopefully, you can develop the mental edge you need to become the best trader you what affects treasury yields can be. At HTT, we understand that there’s no substitute for personal interaction. That’s why we make sure our professional traders are accessible around the clock. Apart from working for a car leasing company, the financial markets is really the only career Max has ever known.

Alex, an economist by training sets up your trading day before the start of the London session. Usually by 1230 – 1 AM Eastern time, he begins posting invaluable information from various sources to provide a context for the days trading. He then goes on to provide annotated charts and analysis to show you exactly a market snapshot of where he is in terms of market exposure. It’s not often that I’m motivated to write a review on any forex mentoring service I’ve used, but this one truly stands out as a leader amongst others and deserves a comment. The reasons for the above are easily understandable – as is the case with everything else in life, you get what you pay for, but here, this is especially the case.

Over years of experience, there’s likely to be a few disgruntled clients that they’ve worked with. With that said, don’t expect any mentor to have five-star glowing reviews from every client. You’ll want to find a seasoned professional who has the credibility to teach you things you don’t already know.

Any Forex mentor who guarantees your success is being dishonest, since your success ultimately depends onyou. At Codementor, you’ll find top Forex experts, developers, consultants, and tutors. Get your project built, code reviewed, or problems solved by vetted Forex freelancers. Learn from expert mentors with team training & coaching experiences. Whatever the case may be, find the Forex help you need in no time. Some traders like fast-paced trading environments with many intraday trading opportunities, while others may prefer a more relaxed approach in which trades are taken once a week.


If I had had a trading mentor they would have immediately spotted all the mistakes I was making. That’s why seeking help from a Forex trading mentor can help develop your trading career. I’m a swing Forex trader and help aspiring Forex traders develop a trading method that works for them so they can produce income allowing them to live with more freedom.

As the channel grew in popularity, he hired people to help him improve the quality of his content. The team has now established a full-time office in Atlanta, Georgia. His Mentorship demonstrates his passion and willingness to assist other traders.

They are aware of trading psychology their own feelings and the mass psychology of the markets. If you have the drive to learn forex, our library resources will make you a better trader. The HTT trading community is a diverse atmosphere where members have one thing in common — a passion for the markets. Then joining the HTT team may be the single greatest thing you can do to boost your performance. From a strategic standpoint, Shain is focused primarily on intraday scalping and day and swing trading strategies. Bollinger Bands and Fibonacci Retracements are his indicators of choice within a multiple time frame context.

Revealed: How to Make Money Day Trading

The course’s most popular component is the live trading sessions viewed daily online. The sessions provide students with Forex signals and detailed analysis, breaking down the mechanics of every trade recommended during the session. Students have access to a comprehensive Media Zone, with hundreds of recorded webinars for beginners and experienced traders. It also includes recorded trading simulations and analysis videos, as well as recordings of Live Trading Room sessions.

How do I become a forex trader?

  1. Practice trading. Set up a demo account that lets you practice forex trading with virtual money.
  2. Set realistic goals.
  3. Earn a degree.
  4. Trade specific currency pairs.
  5. Use an automated trading program.
  6. Seek professional advice.
  7. Use quality trading platforms.
  8. Keep practicing.

Trading in Rockfort Markets derivative products may not be suitable for everyone as derivative products may be considered as high risk. Consider the pricing method before settling down for a mentor. Some mentors charge monthly fees, while some charge a one-time price.

Unlike most trading educations, HTT offers live streams, professional courses, expert blogs, trading ideas, and personal interaction. The mentors are always by your side when you’re in the markets — you’re never alone. Asking questions is a vital part of the learning process in any discipline. Our mentors offer you the opportunity to do so as you are trading forex. Personal access is a major benefit to up-and-coming traders and one reason why our HTT trading room is truly unique in the online financial space.

Successful forex traders do not go around announcing who they are and what they do and they wouldn’t be charging newbies insane amounts of money for forex mentoring. A forex mentor is a forex trader with a proven track record of trading and making money in the forex market. Someone who is a forex mentor must have had years of trading profitably and consistently. In simple terms, a mentor can help you reduce a journey that should take five years of to just one year .

Top 7 Best Forex Trading Mentors

Hence, the program provides mentees with various trading systems about each of the trading gurus. Our writeup would be exposing you to the best mentors available. The forex market is one of the most potent and reliable means of investment in the financial sector. An increasing number of people are seeking knowledge on how to trade forex. These are common among people new to trading, and even existing traders also struggle with some of the rudiments of trading. If you have read this guide fully, you now hopefully have a definite idea of how to find a Forex mentor.

forex mentors

The mentorship program is intend to keep traders from emptying their accounts. By training and equipping them with the technical tools they need to trade profitably and consistently over time. He is a full-time trader and the founder of “The Forex Trading Coach,”. A company dedicated to teaching traders how to become self-sufficient and prosperous traders. Guest traders add to the system, and the name of the club was change to “Traders Academy Club”. Education and best practices, trade ideas, chart interpretation, and daily live.

Importance of a forex mentor

To help you on your way, here are 9 simple things you need to do to help you become a great forex trader, and maybe even trade for clients and share in the profits in the future. None of this is complicated if you approach it in the right way. If you try to do it all at once or using some sort of magic wand; you’ll fail. In the journey of forex trading, the importance of a coach cannot be overemphasized.

Let other traders know if this service is worth checking or should be avoided. This can only be the case if your mentor has the necessary experience. With such a fast-paced and competitive market like the foreign exchange, having professional guidance is essential. Mentoring isn’t an overnight process; it takes time, patience, and dedication to transform a beginner into an advanced trader. It should be a mixture of text, video, and engaging content to help keep you entertained and learning at every step.

Ezekiel Chew founded AFM in 2008 based on his personal success as a Forex trader. Since then, he has become an international speaker and has trained institutional traders on his methods. The AFM One Core Program is the result of more than 20 years of trading experience. The forex market is one of the biggest financial markets in the world with trade volumes of over $6 trillion. It’s also a very volatile market as well with rapidly changing price action.

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